Hi, I'm Adam. Trying to save my attention in a world of distractions. Less, but better.

Adam Waxman
Director of Product Design at SeatGeek
I work at the intersection of design, product, and strategy at SeatGeek. I value craftsmanship, collaboration, open-mindedness, and making stuff people love. Outside of work I am a struggling blogger, photographer, and tea maker. My happy place is a quiet coffee shop with a good book.
I joined SeatGeek in 2013 as the first product hire. I spent my first 5 years at the intersection of product management and design, helping us scale from a 25 person “KAYAK for live events” to a 450+ person global brand enabling tens of millions of fans to see more live. I currently spend a majority of my time recruiting and empowering designers that are way more talented than me. Sound like fun? We're hiring.